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architecture photography

i do a photography of various architectural objects in various light conditions

my character consist in finding life to seemingly lifeless objects. "perfect" pictures in superficial light conditions is not realy my target

work in realistic conditions playing with real light, real shadows, real mess etc is absolutely my preference

 i believe in existence of the soul in essence of every object...

landscape photography

the best sceneries are already there and waiting...

no much to say, i'm the one, who prefers to be waiting for the right light rather than to be playing  with computer...( but sometimes... :-)

real estate&hotels

the photography style is  very similar in both cases

as a big advantage i considere many years of experience in doing location  pictures for future films, comercials etc..

i've improved ability of making pictures to delight the eye of many well establishet cinemascopic film cameramans.

the  main interest is there put not only on the look  but on the feeling of location!

sometimes is essential to break the rules in architecture photography style to find the 6th dimension....

my name is daniel

and i would like to introduce some of my work trough the images up in the links

my dedication to an architectural and landscape photography as photographer and a film location manager lasts for more than two decades

im a perfectionist but perfection was never my target even though it would make my life probably easier

my intention is to capture the sixth  dimension of  in seemingly lifeless architectural objects and lanscape pictures.

i'm keen on any challenges and traveling 

be free to contact me with any fair offers.